November 20, 2012

To be frankly, living in KT for the past 4 months was really fun. Thank God I have made the right choice for going there (although I admit that it's pretty damn far) and yes, taking this as a challenge for myself. Because I really do believe that there is a hikmah behind everything. So yeah, I gave it a shot.
Being a Graphic Design student is more than I could ever asked for. And that is also one of the reason that pushed me straight for saying 'Yes' to this. Art is just something that always keeps me alive. I could just stare at one's precious artwork/design for hours and it's amazing how it excites me. 
So basically I have a week more to live the luxurious life here in Kuala Lumpur and yup, I will be heading back to KT for a new semester starting next weekend. Back to the usual rushing and tiring life, huh. 


Lanee Zane said...

It's a lot of fun isn't it! I wish you would post more of your work. Either for fun or for your school projects. I could go on for hours looking through other people's work. It's inspiring and exciting at the same time.

Love all the pictures in this post :)

Hazira Harris said...

Aww, will do Lanee! I will definitely try to post 'em up here more regularly if I have the time to do so. Oh and yes, thank you! Glad you liked it :)